Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Great Cars for Every Age

Your Pap has received a few emails from readers regarding the exceedingly expensive cars discussed on this blog, with accusations like, “You dismiss lower-priced cars like none of them are any good.” Another email reads: “Give me a break…how can I possibly drive a $150,000 Aston Martin…I’m only 23…it wouldn’t even be believable.”

Apparently, $150k+ cars are not within the reach of some of the Fans out there. Okay. Your Pap is not blind to the reality that everyone has to start somewhere. Agreed! – but there IS a fabulous car for every age bracket that is L.A. Car Couture-approved. Whether it’s your first car at 18 or your last car before the DMV snatches away your Lexus-driving privileges when you turn 80, here are your Pap’s suggestions for Great Cars for Every Age:

Late Teens/First Car: Nothing too exciting for our new drivers. Your Pap’s suggestions emphasize the safety of four-wheel drive and crash protection. The more responsible females might take a look at the roadsters mentioned below. These four cars are easily replaceable should a late night-sorority jaunt result in skinny-dipping and a car drowning in the Pacific Ocean. One quick phone call to your trust-administrator and a replacement will be parked in front of the college dorm-room before you can admit to gurls gone wild.

Mercedes E550 4-Matic; Mercedes SLK ; Audi TT Quattro Roadster; BMW 535xi Wagon

20s: Your Pap knows you’re faking it ‘til you make it. So here is a good variety of cars that exemplify good execution, price sensitivity and some some semblance of substance. These are good kid-toys and should grab the attention of South Bay beach bunnies or volleyball studs. Readily available finds on eBay.

Porsche Cayman; Mercedes ML550; BMW M3; Porsche Boxster

30s: You’re just starting to make some coin and with any luck, your first house is also in all the right zip codes. No one will know you just refinanced your pied-a-terre to get one of these rides. But at least in one of these cars, your neighbors aren't as likely to assume you’re renting. With any luck, you still have that baby-face, so no one can mistaken any of these car choices as a mid-life crisis.

Audi R8; Aston Martin Vantage; Range Rover Sport; Porsche Carrera Cabriolet

40s: With any luck, that trust-fund has fully vested and is irrevocable, because you’re no kid anymore and the women want the men for only one reason! It’s amazing how a girthier waist, less hair and a botoxed forehead helps you appreciate luxury-motoring all the more! Your Pap’s following suggestions are all about giving up a little bit of out-right performance in exchange for some dee-luxe-ury.

Bentley Continental GT/GTC; Maserati Quattroporte; Ferrari California; Mercedes SL

50s: If 40 is the new 30, then 50 is the new mid-life crisis. So throw aside that AARP card and get yourself an AMG Mercedes or something that resembles performance and money. Lahwd, it’s been a long ride – the dee-vorce, the children, the sex scandal…you deserve some frivolous excess.

Mercedes S-Class; Ferrari F430; Maserati Gran Turismo; Mercedes CL

Beyond: Maybe you shouldn’t be driving although legally you’re allowed. Your Pap’s suggestions here are based on ease of ingress and egress. Also, these cars boast a good amount of assisted-living features like automated everything with plenty of bright warning indicators, chimes and what-not. In any of these cars, it wouldn’t be inappropriate to have a knob on the steering wheel or a lazy-susan seat cushion to “turn” yourself sideways to get out. Go head, indulge…you can’t take it with you!

Bentley Brooklands; BMW 7-series; Cadillac DTS; Lexus LS

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