Monday, August 4, 2008

The Celebrity-Loved Bentley Continental GT/GTC

In a city of individuals that can’t stopping looking at themselves, we sure are interested in looking at what others are driving. After a weekend of lite car-stalking, Your Pap has dug up some pics of your starz cars. More posts will follow, but first, the car celebrities seem to favor, or at least often photographed in, is the Bentley Continental GT/GTC.

In either coupe or convertible form, this car is the hottest Bentley, and has been since it’s 2003 introduction. These Continentals are everywhere, fighting their way through a sea of Mercedes SLs just to get to the valet. On Sunset, La Cienega, Doheny and any street in the Platinum Triangle, it’s a veritable Bentley concourse…in every exquisite color from Beluga to Silverlake. And why wouldn’t they be everywhere around town – you price a Bentley under $200k and you’re gonna sell some cars!

At under $200k, these Bentley represent a value to those who can afford them. But the reason perhaps for their attractive price is the accusation (and justifiably) of parts-sharing with Volkswagen. The Continental GTs are built on the same platform/chassis as the recently-gone and long-forgotten Volkswagen Phaeton (an $80k luxury sedan intended to compete in the league of the big S-Class). Inside the Continental GT are some pesky buttons right off a Volkswagen set into acres of fine wood and leather. The parts sharing doesn’t bother your Pap. This has been going on with high-end cars forever…your Pap has seen Mazda door handles in Aston Martins and GM power seat switches in Rolls Royces…seriously! There are just certain basics that are here, there and everywhere. From a $1-million condo to a $10-million house, you’re gonna find the same Viking Range…so what are you gonna do about it?

You’re not gonna not buy the Continental GT because of the unresolved pedigree. After all, it’s a beautiful automobile, with lines of an instant-classic. From rap star to CEO, to famous-for-being-famous, everyone wants or has one of these. So while exclusivity can’t be guaranteed (especially in L.A.) pleasurable, effortless, 12-cylinder motoring is a sure thing. And you’ll look damn good in it, believe your Pap. And if anyone snickers and hisses, tell them…Sharon Stone can’t be wrong. Paris Hilton can’t be wrong. Posh Spice can’t be wrong. After all, doesn’t this whole town follow along with what a dozen or so celebrities are doing anyway?

FOLLOW UP: Apparently Hugh Grant traded in his Continental GT last year because the seats were bad on his back and were crushing his balls (no joke, that's what he claims). Your Pap suggests you see a chiropractor about the back and a tranny hooker about the balls.

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