Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Footballer in the Roller

It looks like the well-inked and ab-licious footballer has pickup up himself one of these ultra-exclusive Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe and had it tricked out by DUB, car customizers to the stars. The Dropead starts at $412,000 (or roughly the price of a small Santa Monica condo). But add in the options, market adjustments and DUB mods and it’s definitely pushing into a blood-curdling $600k+.

Check out those wheels – they look like 20s or 22s but since the car is such a behemoth, they’re actually 24-inches...custom made! The car also has color matched exterior panels and David’s number “23” embroidered on the seatbacks. Go big or don’t go at all in this larger-than-life car. If you can drop $400,000, you can drop $600,000 for a personalized one…mmmkay!...because you better NOT get this in Avis fleet white with just the factory fitting. People will tawk!

Even without customization, the Drophead Coupe in itself is pretty posh. Everything about this car is extravagent and big! How about its nearly 6,000 lb. weight or the turbo 12-cylinder engine! This car is W I D E ! Check out the papparazzi photo – see how far apart Posh and Becks are sitting? The damn car is the size of a Chevy Suburban, making a Mercedes S-Class look mid-sized. (The Fans will have to forgive your Pap for even including the words “Chevy” and “Surburban” in the same write up). Your Pap’s favorite thing on the car is the convertible cover (normally plastic or leather on other more pedestrian vehicles). In this land yacht, it’s made of polished teak! Mmmkay!

Rolls is putting 100 of these for 2008 (exclusivity assured) and already long sold out, without hardly any marketing. Build them and the will come. The ultra-affulent do not like being market to. By late last year, two Phantom Drophead Coupes sold for $2 million at auctions. Are you getting it, this car is big time! And for you L.A. brats that grew up with silver spoons in your mouths, this is a great car to own and LOATHE because you suddently decided to go green!

Rolls Royce has reponded to demand by doubling production, which is still a measly 200 units for 2009. – it’s about answering prayers and still maintaining exclusivity. This is Rolls Royce throwing a steak to a den of dogs. Boy these are hard times for the rich. Your Pap will be praying for them.

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